Benefits of Hiring Northwood Outdoor Services

It’s usual to find advice on how to be more eco-friendly inside the home; however, if you truly want to keep your home green, you must also consider how your landscaping decisions effect the environment. While some strategies, such as growing an organic garden or avoiding hazardous chemicals, are fairly obvious, you can simply lower your carbon footprint by making simple modifications in your landscaping service and design  many of which boil down to the basic act of water conservation and protection!

Select Water-Conserving Plants

Maintaining a lawn takes a lot of resources, as any professional lawn mowing company will attest! There are, however, a number of easy techniques to ensure that your lawn isn’t using more than its fair share of the local water supply. Sunflowers, petunias, and yucca are examples of water-wise plants that survive in dry environments or only require a small amount of water. Consult a landscaping company to find the finest drought-resistant plants for your environment.You may find more information at Northwood Outdoor Services.

Install a Rain Garden With The Help Of A Landscaping Service Company

Another significant factor when it comes to ecologically responsible landscaping is your lawn’s impact on the condition of adjacent rivers and lakes. Installing a rain garden is one approach that has grown popular among eco-conscious gardeners. You might be asking what a rain garden is, and the answer is that it’s a depression in the landscape meant to collect and absorb rainfall from places like driveways, rooftops, and sidewalks. What impact does this have on the environment? Rainwater runoff is soaked into the earth rather than going into storm drains, streams, rivers, and lakes in a rain garden. As a result, there is less pollution, erosion, and floods, all of which are essential elements in enhancing water quality in the area! Simply contact a landscaping company in your area, and they will assist you in creating the ideal rain garden for your soil and environment.

Consider a Mediterranean-style landscape.

A Mediterranean design is a terrific approach to develop a lovely lawn while also doing your part for the environment, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply want to rethink your current landscape. A Mediterranean-style garden or lawn naturally conserves water since it is built around open, exposed courtyards that require less water and maintenance. These spaces are then embellished with a variety of hardscaping, such as gravel beds or mosaic walls, as well as a variety of drought-resistant vines, topiary trees, and other flora. If you decide to go with a Mediterranean design for your landscape, employing a landscaping service professional with experience is recommended for the most effective and polished results. If you already use a respected lawn mowing service for normal yard upkeep, there’s a high chance they also provide landscaping services. It is also more environmentally beneficial to hire the same firm for all of your landscaping needs. With just one staff in charge of everything, you’ll need fewer overall resources to maintain your lawn, which is a win-win situation for you and the environment!