Details of New Brunswick Peripheral Artery Disease Association

If you are suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAID), you have probably already been diagnosed with atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. What does this mean to you? It means that instead of getting all the needed nutrients and oxygen that you need to function properly, you are deprived of them. Without getting the right amount of oxygen, you will also start to suffer from shortness of breath and fatigue. Get more informations of New Brunswick Peripheral Artery Disease Association
When you develop peripheral artery disease, your upper extremities, such as your legs, do not receive enough blood supply to maintain normal function. This causes numerous symptoms, most importantly leg pain when moving (claudication), but can also cause other problems, such as heart problems. The severity of claudicating varies greatly, from mild discomfort through to painful pain. In addition to suffering from the symptoms of PAD, people with PAD have also been known to develop heart attacks.
If you suffer from a condition like PAD, it is important to get medical treatment, no matter how severe the ailment may be. Peripheral artery disease can lead to a heart attack, sudden death, or stroke if it is not treated. So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have a family history of cardiovascular problems, make sure that you go see your doctor to get better. Your doctor will be able to perform a variety of tests to see what type of treatments you have available to you.