Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

You’ve lived in your house for about ten years and it’s in good condition. You haven’t had to spend any money on repairs, but it’s past time to make some changes. You’re open to learning about other ways to improve your home, but taking on the task of a home addition seems too risky right now. There must be some other ways to do some really beneficial work to increase the value of your home as well as your enjoyment of it,¬†5 Tips To Make Your Home Energy-Efficient.

There are plenty of ways to increase the value of your home without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time and energy.

Do you know what a home energy audit is? This is when an energy expert comes to your house to assess its energy efficiency. Some of these auditors even make recommendations for resolving any issues that have been identified. These experts can also return and complete the projects themselves!

So, what exactly would an energy audit reveal about your home? Let’s start with insulation.

Insulation is a term used to describe the process

Because most people can easily identify the presence of any pink fluffy stuff floating around, everyone knows when their home has been insulated at some point.

So, how does insulation work in practise? You’ve always heard of down insulated vests or coats. This means that this outerwear may have been made of a single layer of cloth, but it was actually filled with down feathers to keep your body temperature at a comfortable amount. It’s essentially a Mother Nature-inspired concept. Animals and birds that live in cold climates depend on their feathers to keep them warm. Similarly, pink insulation is built in our homes to keep our homes at a safe temperature no matter what happens outside.

Since your contractor chose not to add a lot of insulation, your home will not be adequately insulated. Unfortunately, some homebuyers do not prioritise insulation, so contractors spend less money on insulation and more money on other home furnishings, such as appliances. Of course, we want our homes to be well insulated, but some homebuyers are unaware of the importance of insulation and would prefer to see brand new appliances.