Essential Dermatology Products and Services

The American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in 2015 will feature a wide selection of products and services. Modernizing Medicine, the business behind the Electronic Medical Assistant, will announce these new products and services. Learn more by visiting Paradise Valley Dermatology.

The following are some of the features that will be included and highlighted:

Dermatology professionals, specific billing solution leverages, and validated processes have the potential to minimise claim denials, advance revenue cycles, improve patient collections, stimulate business growth, and increase profitability.

Inventory Management: The aim of inventory management is to establish a more effective and streamlined inventory inventory system for fillers, pollutants, cosmeceuticals, and cosmetic procedures.

Mobile: Individuals with a smartphone may access their maps, notes, and an overview of their current drugs and allergies, as well as display any additional records they may have, such as imagine reports.

When required, this application will allow you to have a virtual appointment with one of your dermatologists. This will allow the dermatologists’ and your time to be properly spent, and the dermatologists will be paid for their time, and the visit will be reported in the system as if you were present. These apps were built with the goal of offering specialty-specific solutions to help physicians increase the productivity of their medical practises. Modernizing Medicine was the first to develop these applications in order to improve the use and consumption of health data. These applications, which will be shown at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting this year, demonstrate Modernizing Medicine’s unwavering dedication to improving physician treatment via dermatopathology, telemedicine, and cognitive computing.