House Needs Chimney Repointing or Capping-Fundamentals Explained

So, what’s all the fuss with chimney caps? It appears to be a popular item, so there must be an explanation. There is, in reality. Chimney caps keep rain and other precipitation out of your chimney. It also prevents animals and birds from gaining access to your chimney. The animals don’t just live in your house; they raise their families there, poop there, and play rock and roll late at night. Maybe not quite so loudly. Click more info here.

This happened to me the previous year. I didn’t have a chimney cap, and squirrels found their way down the chimney and nested in the chimney since I live in New Jersey, where they are abundant. The poor creatures were trapped and died. It was excruciatingly painful to get them out. I had to use a shop vac to clean up the mess. Anyway, that concludes my saga. This could have been avoided with the use of a chimney cover.

There are numerous other reasons to use a chimney cap.

Debris, to be precise. A potential threat is leaves falling into the chimney opening. They have the potential to block the chimney or catch fire higher up. Rain, in and of itself, can trigger a slew of issues. If you have a masonry chimney, rain will fill the mortar joints, causing stones or bricks to loosen. A tornado does not have to be present for a chimney to collapse. Even a powerful storm will cause a chimney to collapse due to loosened bricks and debris.

Are you aware that there may be flammable material exposed at the top of your chimney? Those leaves we mentioned earlier can get stuck near the top of the chimney. A stray spark from the fire will float up and ignite the leaves. The fire may ignite something around the chimney periphery if there is a large bunch of leaves or a branch stuck there.

Here, I’m not trying to be unnecessarily careful, but it’s important to take care of minor details before they become major issues. Installing a chimney cap is a basic, low-cost project that you can normally complete on your own. It can also enhance the appearance of your home. There are several styles of chimney caps, and we will continue to write articles about the various types of chimney caps available, as well as the substrates and installation techniques.