St Charles Concrete Raising Association- An Overview

Have you ever wonder why a tough construction material like concrete would settle down? There are a lot of factors that causes concrete slabs to sink and tilt. Among these reasons are poor workmanship and improper compaction of the soil which serves as the main foundation of a certain structure. If you’re looking for more tips, St Charles Concrete Raising Association has it for you. Furthermore, natural phenomena are among the factors that are beyond control just like those growing roots of big trees in your garden or at the park; water erosion is another example of this factor. Controllable or not, what we can do is fix the problem right away before it even creates more. And this is where concrete lifting plays a big role.

The concrete lifting technology has been used in the construction industry since time immemorial. It is known to be the most cost-efficient method of repair because it only requires a fraction of the total amount needed for a total slab replacement. One advantage of doing this instead of the other alternative repair methods is that, it doesn’t take so much time before the work gets finished. So if you’re in a hurry to resolve the sunken and tilted slabs at your home or even at your work place, then concrete lifting is what you need.

Do you know how your car is being lifted when it’s on a repair shop? The concrete lifting process goes something like how your car is being lifted and that is through a hydraulic force. In doing this process holes are strategically drilled on the sunken and tilted concrete slabs. After drilling holes, a mixture of polyurethane compound or grout is pumped into the holes and as it begins to penetrate under the sunken slabs, it exerts pressure thus bringing the sunken part upward until it reaches its original height and level on the ground.

Though the entire process sounds easy enough that you may think you can do it, then truth is, it is a very subtle process. It requires precision,accuracy and expertise. It needs to be closely monitored so as to make sure that the process is done correctly. You need to consult an expert or professional to get everything right. Don’t waste your time thinking whether you want to replace that sunken concrete slab or just have if lifted. Why spend more if you can save a lot by doing concrete lifting? Give the best value to your money, do concrete lifting now!