APOL Singapore Review

When searching for perfect chairs, one needs to consider how ergonomic they are. Most chairs on the market today have a great deal of built in features that may not be useful to the person who will be sitting on them. Many people suffer from lower back problems, such as lower back pain, and while some may be helped by a traditional, heavier chair with built in features, others are better suited to using an ergonomic chair. Learn more by visiting APOL Singapore

Most ergonomic chairs include a limited warranty, either up to one year or up to three years. Some chairs include a footrest that can be adjusted, but this is not adjustable in all models. Ergonomic PC’s with a neck rest are especially useful, as with most neck rests being made of rubber and having a limited warranty, a replacement is often a simple matter. However, many chairs also include a contoured back pillow that can be used with a PC contoured chair. These pillows are also limited in their warranty periods.

Most ergonomic PC’s with a neck rest have a built in footrest, adjustable arm rests and a V-shaped backrest that are contoured to the natural curve of the spine. Most ergonomic chairs come with a manual or an automatic adjustment feature and manual tension. Most also have armrests that are fully removable for easy access to the user’s lower back. All but the most basic models of ergonomic chairs come with a limited warranty, typically no more than one year. Some more advanced models of ergonomic chairs provide a ten year warranty.