How to Set Up a Bouncy Castle Rental Company

Why start a bouncy castle company?

A bouncy castle rental business can be extremely enjoyable to run if you appreciate seeing children have a good time and have the opportunity to participate in a family or community event. Your customers are always delighted to see you arrive, since it adds to their enjoyment of the day.Feel free to find more information at Ice Skate Rentals.

It merely takes a modest investment to start a bouncy castle business; remember, you only need one castle to begin renting.

This article should provide you a rough idea of what you’ll need to do to get your business off the ground.

A Typical Day at Work

Dropping off castles in the morning and picking them up again in the evening is a normal day. A little bouncy castle will fit in most automobiles, so you won’t need a van to get started. We recommend keeping your equipment in a safe, dry location. The more you set up and take down a castle, the faster it becomes.

Where can you get your equipment?

We recommend doing your homework before purchasing a bouncy castle because inexpensive castles from inexperienced manufacturers can easily break and may not be safe. Look at where other businesses in your neighbourhood purchase their castles.

What you’ll require to get started

There are a few items you’ll need to start a bouncy castle business; most of them are self-evident, but go over the list to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Castles with bouncers

Blowers for castles

Sandbags or pegs

Sheets for the ground

Each castle has two safety mats.

Cart with sacks

Vehicle (car or van)

Customers should be aware of a safety warning.

Customers’ instructions on how to use

Liability insurance for the general public

Safety and protection are important.

All bouncy castles should meet safety requirements and be certified annually in accordance with “British Standard BS EN 14960.”

PAT testing should be done on all electrical equipment.

With electrical goods, use RCDs.

Examine your competitors.

Check out the competitors in your area before starting your own business. I recommend looking for a bouncy castle company on Google or visiting a local directory page like this one in Tramore. These are searchable on Google or another search engine. Check to discover how much they charge and where they advertise, as well as where they deliver.