Radon Levels In Homes

Radon is a material that exists in all places except underwater. Radon is a substance that has an indefinite density and a very slow absorption rate. It is also known as a trace element with the symbol Rn, atomic number 6 and is a very noble gas. It has been used for more than 4000 years to help cure many diseases such as lung cancer and arthritis. The radon present in the home has been known to cause lung cancer even in people who are healthy. Have a look at Radon Mitigation of the Rockies Colorado Springs – radon for more info on this.

There are two main ways of exposure to radon: direct skin contact, as when touching radon contaminated soil or during basement ventilation systems or direct breathing of radon gas during an open air test. The most dangerous radon gases are those that are in a liquid state but there is the possibility of airborne radon being present. This is especially true if radon is leaking from a basement ceiling or wall or some other area that is not sealed. Indoor air samples taken from homes for radon testing were found to contain over one hundred times more radon gas than what was estimated when the samples were tested outdoors. The amount of exposure to radon that is needed in order to produce lung cancer is fifty milligrams per square meter for each year of exposure, or about one hundredths of a liter. This amount of exposure to radon can be increased as a person ages but the risk will never go away entirely.

Radon gas has a slow and steady increase in concentration as it travels through soil, building materials and the air until it reaches its final destination; the home. It will then spread into the interior of the house through cracks in the walls, floors, and windows and can remain present in the living spaces for years. A home’s radon concentration can be measured by checking the radon level in a radon detector. While this test does measure radon concentrations only in the interior of the home, the level of radon in the atmosphere is also important. Even if radon levels are detected at a home, an individual should be sure to have their home tested before purchasing a home.