File A Restraining Order in Missouri-An Overview

Restraining orders are court-issued security orders that prohibit anyone from having contact with or otherwise approaching another person. The purpose of a protective order is to keep people who are having issues apart. If you are concerned about your safety, obtaining a legal order is one step toward ensuring your safety. Get the facts about How To File A Restraining Order in Missouri
The terms of such orders differ from state to state, and different rules apply in each case. There are certain laws that apply to both of them. The following information is applicable to all restraining orders in general.
Restraining orders are strictly imposed, and breaching one will result in severe consequences. If anyone violates a restraining order, they may face charges ranging from contempt of court to a serious crime in certain cases. Any law enforcement agency that is notified of the restraining order has the authority to execute the order, which can result in time in a state prison.
In most cases, such orders may provide details about the order’s expiration date. In the absence of this, the expiration date should be three years from the date of issue. Any provisions of a child custody order do not expire until the court determines that they do.
The individual who is served with an order is expected to disclose the fact that they have issued this legal order to the court. The typical time frame for doing so is 72 hours. If they violate the terms of the restraining order before it is issued, law enforcement will notify them and, if they do not comply immediately, will execute the order.
Another essential aspect of an order is that the person who is served is prohibited from owning or possessing a weapon. This is because all of these cases have a high risk of abuse. Fines and incarceration can be imposed if you do not follow the court’s order.
The terms of the restraining order cannot be affected by child custody issues. The best interests of the child are still prioritised above all other considerations.
Many people believe that filing an order is all that is required to keep them secure. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, since people can only be arrested after they have violated the restraining order. As a result, often the harm is already done. If you are in danger of losing your life, a restraining order should be filed immediately. However, in addition to completing and filing this legal form, you should take precautions to ensure your safety.