The Truth About Termite Treatments

Termite treatment can be done in a variety of ways. This article will break down the various types of treatments and their efficacy, helping you to determine which method or methods are best for you. This is an important step in the right direction if you live in an area where termite infestation is normal. Get the facts about HOW TO KILL DRYWOOD TERMITES
Termite shields are one form of preventative measure that is becoming increasingly common. Sheet metal is used to construct them, and they are installed on the outside of concrete walls and foundations. The theory is that since termites can’t burrow through metal, they won’t be able to construct tunnels or shelters through the shield.
Termites build termite tubes when they need to pass through areas that are too dry for the colony to safely travel through. It is important to remove these termite tubes as soon as they are discovered. If you come across any of these, make sure to get rid of them absolutely before it’s too late.
Termite sprays are applied to the outer perimeter of your home’s base. They are contained within the parameter and do not penetrate wood, termite nests underground, or walls. The termite spray Termidor is by far the most common.
Bait stations for termites are also very common. The idea behind a bait station is for termites to carry the poison back to their nests. It’s normally a plastic tube that’s placed in areas where termite activity or nests are suspected. A piece of wood is contained inside the plastic tube. If the wood has been consumed, it is replaced with another laced lure that they can return to the colony with.
Termite traps are not as popular in the US as they are in Australia, but they are still used occasionally. The termite traps are above ground and filled with cardboard with a view of the termites. When the termites are trapped, you can either feed them bait or make them return it to the colony.
There are essentially two natural termite remedies that are widely used. Treatments of orange oil and Borat, with orange oil being the most natural and boric acid being a little less. Orange oil is extracted directly from oranges and other citrus fruits before being processed into a concentrated form. Borat Treatments are natural substances that have been processed into a chemical before being used.
Small termite colonies and drywood termite infestations are treated with orange oil. Orange oil is ineffective against massive colonies and is ineffective against subterranean termites. It is delivered by injecting it directly into the infestation of drywood termite timbers, killing them instantly.