We Buy Houses – Explained

We Buy Houses, is an independent national US franchisee of a nationwide, privately held real estate investing company. Its franchisees purchase houses in need of major repair from owners who want to sell them faster than normal, and then resell the homes to buyers who want them for the same price as the original owner bought them. It operates in 50 states and has offices in seven cities across the United States. The company has been operating since 1992, but it was not until the late 1990s that the market for buying and selling houses in need of repairs became large enough for the company to expand its business. Today the company has become the largest independent nationwide franchisee of a nationwide real estate investing company. Get More Information about us.

We buy houses by negotiating with the owners of homes in distress. We buy and fix up the house, then offer it up for sale at a profit. Many times we pay less than the home owner will pay for it.

The house owners want out of the house because of problems, so they often have to make major repairs before they will agree to sell their house. Sometimes the repairs are not minor, but are major; such as having the roof replaced or the wiring replaced because it needs to be replaced in order to meet the standards that the company requires.

There are many reasons why house owners would want to sell their house. They may be moving to a new home or they may need some money to fix up the home they currently have. They may have to move temporarily and need a place to live.

We buy houses as a company to provide the service of buying and selling houses, so we do not compete directly with other companies that do the same service, but we still try to offer people a variety of real estate investment opportunities, including house loans, home improvement jobs, and property management. for those who may be interested.

The company is not for every person, but it does have a great selection of homes available for sale to anyone who might be interested in them. We Buy Houses has a website where you can see if there are any of the houses that you may be interested in buying.

The first thing that we do when we get a list of houses for sale is to visit the houses and speak with the owners. We then go over what repairs have to be done. When we have fixed the problems, we schedule an appointment with the owner and give them an estimate of how much it would cost to fix up the house, and then we tell them how much we will charge them for the repairs. and for the property.

We buy houses by keeping all the repairs together and selling the house on the spot, and then making the repairs on our own. This way, we keep all the work for ourselves and they keep the expenses down to the minimum.