A Spotlight on Ready Response

CPR & First Aid Training is not as simple as going to the gym or library and picking up a book. There are many books on this topic, but very few have been written with an instructor leading a group of students through the steps. In order for a person to be able to administer CPR correctly, they need to be certified in CPR by a recognized agency such as the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. This will guarantee that the CPR instructor has the proper knowledge of the subject and can lead a class of students through the correct steps of administering CPR to a person in cardiac arrest. Click here for more Ready Response – CPR & First Aid Training

In order to get a CPR & First Aid certification, one must also complete an approved instructor led course. These courses are available through both public and private institutions and can be found online, at local community colleges or at a hospital that offers a cardiac care program. While there are a number of different programs available, most offer a six-month course and a one-year certification process. After being through these courses, CPR instructors will be able to instruct any adult or child on the proper procedures of CPR and First Aid.

Most people that are involved in cardiac arrest or suffer from cardiac arrest themselves, feel that it is important that their children receive CPR and First Aid training. With the proper training, kids can help save a person’s life when they are having a heart attack or cardiac arrest. The best part about taking CPR & First Aid classes, is being able to work alongside CPR certified instructors that will guide students through each step of administering CPR. It is important for people to understand that even the simplest of CPR techniques can save someone’s life, but having the proper training will make all the difference in the world in saving someone’s life. So whether you are supervising a classroom training session or you are at the front lines of saving a life, CPR & First Aid training is something that everyone should take the time to learn.