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Face to face

What Are the Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery?

The goal of facial plastic surgery is to help you present to the world a look that reflects who you are on the inside. Let’s show the world that you’re a self-assured, attractive person. Facial plastic surgery in Virginia may be the answer for you, whether it’s a facelift to help your outer appearance match your inner age or a neck lift to allow you to hold your head high. If you’re looking for more tips, Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery of Phoenix-Plastic Surgery has it for you.

Rewinding the Clock

You can choose from a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures to help you lose a few years; some procedures even target specific problem areas, such as drooping brows or sagging neck skin. In order to achieve the best results, a Board Certified facial plastic surgeon in Virginia will work with you to customise a surgical plan.

Facial Contouring

Plastic surgery of the face isn’t just for making you look younger. You can also use it to contour your face. Do you want your cheekbones to be more defined, your nose to be slimmer, or your ears to be a different shape? Maybe the shape of your chin isn’t what you’d like it to be? Dr. Nukta will be able to assist you in fine-tuning any feature of your face by selecting the most appropriate procedure for your specific situation.

Choosing a Surgeon

For a facial plastic surgery operation, it is important that you choose a professional, experienced surgeon. After all, it’s the face that people see first!

Breast Reconstruction

What Are the Benefits of Breast Surgery?

Plastic surgery for the breasts aims to offer you the outline that best fits your frame and makes you happier with your outward appearance. No two people are the same form, and the purpose of plastic surgery for the breasts is to give you the silhouette that best suits your frame and makes you happy with your outward appearance. An specialist cosmetic surgeon in Virginia will help you meet your objectives, if you want a breast augmentation to add bulk and make your garments fit easier, a breast reduction to relieve back pressure, or a breast raise to restore your chest’s youthful perkiness.

Breast Surgery and Pregnancy/Weight Loss

One of the most important causes for women seeking breast plastic surgery is that their bodies have changed as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. After raising children, it’s common to lose volume and have breasts that sag and fall flat against the stomach. If this describes you, a breast augmentation will restore the volume you’ve lost. If your breasts have moved further down your chest than you would like, you should combine an augmentation with a breast raise.

The loss of a significant amount of weight is another common cause for undergoing breast surgery. Since losing weight, several people discover that their breasts haven’t shrunk in size in tandem with the rest of their anatomy, necessitating a breast reduction. Since losing weight, other women’s breasts appear less perky or full.

Reconstruction of the breasts

Breast reconstruction could be an option for women who have had a mastectomy as part of their breast cancer recovery who want to get back to their pre-surgery silhouette. Breast replacement entails the reconstruction of the breast (and optionally recreating the nipple and areola). For women undergoing breast reconstruction, there are a variety of choices. For more details, visit our breast reconstruction website.