Scaffold Tower Hire-An Overview

We have high expectations of a roof: most of us go to work only to ‘keep a roof over our heads.’ Our roofs shield us from the elements and keep our homes safe. However, if you leave your roof to deal with it on its own, it will collapse; your roof needs support and some nurturing. A well-maintained roof will last for several years.

Of course, you can hire someone to come in and repair any minor issues, such as a crooked tile, a teeny-tiny leak, or blistering on the garage roof. However, there are some things you can do without a roof ladder from the protection of a hired scaffold tower. Get more informations of Lakeside Hire-Scaffold Tower Hire

Roof Washing

Algae is responsible for the black or orange streaks on your roof. Using a garden sprayer to blend baking soda and water to get rid of the stains: it works wonders. You can do it from your aluminium scaffold tower because you’re just squirting the mixture on.

Copper is a wonder when it comes to getting rid of moss. Using your garden sprayer to squirt powdered copper sulphate mixed with water over your roof from the comfort of your scaffold tower.

Allow about five minutes for the copper mixture to soak in (no more; this will prevent the metal from corroding); a gentle hose down (not a power hose!) will wash the copper off the roof, leaving you moss-free with all nails intact.

Clean out the valleys, which connect the different sections of the roof and are infamous for gathering dust, leaves, dirt, and twigs. They look a lot like an otter dam, which isn’t a good look for a home. Pools of water on the roof are also prone to causing leaks. Pick the debris off the roof with a long-handled broom without going too far.

Tiles must be replaced.

A windy winter or a scorching summer can cause tiles to break, crack, or move. The odd tile out of place isn’t a big deal, but it’s best to get it back in line as soon as possible.

It’s easy to cover tiles when they’re within reach of the scaffold tower’s edge. You will also see if there are any wider areas that need assistance from up there. Two bars, a nail hammer, and new tiles are needed, as well as your scaffold tower.

To begin, raise the tiles surrounding the one you want to replace or repair. One pry bar should be used to raise the damaged tile to the right, while the other should be used to lift the tile to the left. When the two adjacent tiles are lifted, remove the broken tile by lifting the backend of the tile first and sliding it out. Simply position the brand new tile in its proper location on the wooden plank that is attached to the roof. It’s over! When you’re done, don’t forget to take down the pry bars!

Examine your roof.