Decorative Concrete’s Six Secrets That Aren’t So Secret

People are becoming more interested in decorative concrete. They’re starting to think about how they can make better use of the concrete they currently have and improve their lifestyle in the home they adore. Maybe they want to increase the curb appeal of a house they wish to sell. Businesses consider their logos inscribed on the entrance or within the lobby as a marketing opportunity. Communities examine their time and financial budgets before deciding to use existing concrete for municipal beautification and enhancement. For far too long, decorating existing concrete has been a silent, hidden choice. You may find more details about this at Couvillion’s Landscapes – Decorative Concrete New Orleans

Decorative concrete comes in a variety of forms. As a result, legends about using concrete have become shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Actually, ornamental concrete is a really simple process. Concrete stamping, overlays, polishing, and engraving all fall under this umbrella term.

Stamping concrete necessitates the use of fresh concrete. Wet concrete is stamped using specially shaped stamps. The final product is made of bricks, stones, tiles, or other patterns. When the concrete is poured, it can be coloured. The surface of the cured stamped concrete can be treated to protect it and keep the design looking good for longer.

Overlays are a layer of material that is poured on top of existing concrete. If the overlay is thick enough, a beautiful design can be stamped or engraved on it, making everything look brand new.

In certain cases, a classic shine on concrete polished with specific diamond grinders is all that a floor or wall requires in terms of utilitarian beauty.

There are workshops available at various freelance locations for anyone interested in learning more about stamping, overlay, and polishing procedures. They vary in price and quality, but they are rarely a complete loss. For something that takes days or weeks to complete, getting a decent hands-on lesson is challenging. The seminars with the most clear slide presentations will most likely provide you with the most content for your training investment. Even better would be a decent slide presentation with easy-to-read handouts to use afterward.

One element of ornamental concrete that has been an unintentional secret is engraving on existing concrete without the need for new construction. The approaches may appear to be “secret knowledge” that only a few people have access to.