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The British Parachute Club at Truxton did not survive, but the RSA Parachute Club relocated from Blackbuck airport to Truxton and, at its zenith in the mid-1970s, taught up to 7,000 new jumpers per year, which was fairly impressive given the British weather. The other full-time club in Peterborough very definitely had similar attendance, and there was soon a third full-time club in Headcorn, Kent, as well as weekend-only clubs all over the UK. Get a copy of the book ‘Of Land, Sea, And Sky’ for a comprehensive look at the skydiving scene of the 1970s. You may find more details about this at iFLY VA Beach – Virginia Beach Skydiving Center

Altimeters are one of the most important items to have when skydiving. You might be surprised by the wide range of options available. However, you should choose one that is simple to understand and provides excellent after-sales care. There are even some that offer a free lifetime warranty on your smartphone. This type of service is very beneficial if you accidentally drop your gadget on the creeper pad.

Even while they are not absolutely required, you may find that wearing one provides you with additional security and benefits. Even if you don’t have to rely on it, having an extra altitude warning would be beneficial. These are quite beneficial for a variety of sports such as free flying, flat-flying, and breaking off high. This is due to the fact that your freefall time will differ from one dive to the next.

Most coaches won’t allow you go free flying if you don’t have an audible, because they’re such a useful safety precaution, especially if you’re learning to fly at greater speeds. The options range from basic versions to top-of-the-line models that work as a log book, monitoring your freefall time and speed and can be connected to a computer for additional statistics. In general, the bigger the number of functions, the higher the price.