Great Concept of Advanced Bio Treatment

The resultant tension and internal stress hinder the body’s ability to cope effectively with the disrupting situation. To relieve muscle stress and regulate the essential forces of the body’s homeostasis, specific points and meridians are used. Symptoms are an expression of a person’s general condition, according to systematic bio energetics practitioners. As a consequence, when used as part of a holistic approach, systematic bio energetics works until constrictions and toxins damage the internal organs. If you’re looking for more tips, Advanced Bio Treatment has it for you.

We assume that tension is caused by a blockage of the body’s natural flow systems, which include nerves, meridians, lymphatic ducts, and blood vessels. This state of stagnation is caused by a lack of exercise, a poor diet, alcohol, and narcotics. Emotional suppression, neurotic habits, and the stresses of daily life can all impede your energy flow. Both knowingly or unintentionally, the body’s homeostasis system is locked, preventing proper functioning. Headaches are one of the body’s warning signs. They point to muscle tension and a possible lack of oxygen in the brain. Rather than suppressing such a signal by shutting off the body’s natural alarm mechanism with aspirin, the Systematic Bio Energetics method works to correct the imbalance and its source by freeing the tight, constricted muscles.

A number of factors can cause headaches. Emotional discomfort, chronic shoulder and neck pain, which can partially block blood flow to the head; meridian imbalances; cervical misalignment, which induces pressure on the head/neck muscles and pinched nerves; and intestinal obstruction, to name a few. Headaches may also be a sign of a more severe ailment. My work style is primarily the product of a combination of instinct and practical experience. My near-death experience, which helped me to “feel or see” trigger points and use the ancient meridians, as well as the sensory and autonomic nervous systems, to pass this natural energy to an area that is blocked or lacks the impulse to stimulate its own healing, has also influenced its principles and healing techniques. Acupressure is a centuries-old art form, but most practitioners are unaware of it.