Great Concept of The Clark Law Office

I was working in the drafting room on a particularly big drawing one day. (Keep in mind that this is pre-CAD.) To make the main drawing, I taped it to my drafting table, but there were a few items I needed to alter in a corner, so it was easier for me to just lean over that area rather than pulling up the whole board. As a result, I was spread across the table with my back to the middle of the room, completely focused on my job. Get more info about The Clark Law Office.

Our assistant manager happened to be walking through the room at the time and saw me leaning over the table. He said “Hey,” slapped me on the backside, and continued walking without slowing. I was so taken aback that I was rendered speechless. (Which, if you knew me, you’d know, wasn’t exactly common.)I took a look around and found the other two women in the room. They seemed to be stuck in a state of giggling… and waiting for a bomb to go off. We’d been working together on a regular basis for years, and they knew this wouldn’t go unnoticed. They were just waiting for my direction on how to proceed.

I considered complaining to my manager, but I realised it would be seen as a “huge deal about nothing” and a waste of their time. (It would have categorised me as a non-team player.) So, I decided to wait and take my revenge when the opportunity arose. I knew the pendulum of karma would soon swing him back into my sights.

Sure enough, our whole office held a briefing on a major project a few weeks later. Many of the departments’ top brass is invited to a closed-door meeting about organising schedules and workload. I wasn’t present at that meeting, but our conceited assistant manager was, behaving as though he’d finally made it to the upper echelon.

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