Minden Well Pump Association- Info

The Minden Well Pumps Association was formed in the UK in the early 1940’s, with the founding members consisting of engineers, technicians and surveyors who went to Germany to help with the construction of the German dams. These men had all previously worked on the building of the Hoover Dam in the United States. It was these engineers and technicians who came up with the idea of fitting the Minden Well pump to relieve the pressure that was being put on the old well in the woods. This was done after they had tried many methods to make the water flow faster, such as using chains, vacuum pumps and waterfalls, however none of these techniques seemed to work very well.Learn more about us at Minden Well Pump Association

After this they decided to build a machine that could pump water much faster than any other machines or human workers could and this is when they made the great design work. What they did was incorporate some new technology, namely the servo motor which has now become an integral part of all Minden Well Pumps. This technology enables the machine to work to drive the water into the well at extremely high speeds, thereby allowing water to fill it much more rapidly than was possible before. What this means for the consumer is that it can be used to fill large wells quickly, enabling the area to be supplied with water much more rapidly, so that more jobs can be created in less time.

The servo motor is what enables the pump to work in this way and the idea behind it has been around for a while, however it was not until World War II that they used it in their water pump designs. The use of a servo motor within a Minden well pump is a key feature that should not be left out. These motors pump water much faster than the normal motors found in home and commercial well pumps. They are also small, meaning that they are not large and bulky. All in all this type of pump is a very effective method of filling a well.