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“Is the DMV requiring you to do a Quick VIN verification on you vehicle?” This is most likely a very personal inquiry, one that only someone who owns a car would ever consider. But the question is, why would the DMV require you to do this? Well simple really, if you were a private party attempting to do something such as copy the VIN on your vehicle, such as selling it, trading it in, or transferring it from one vehicle to another, you would most likely need a copy of the car’s VIN in order to make that transaction, and without a quick VIN search, you could spend a lot of time and money getting no result or false information. see here


The DMV has been notorious for taking a lot of time and money to receive and process all of the applications and documents that must be received and processed before a person can get their driver’s license. Therefore, they are also going to take very long periods of time to perform the VIN verifications that are requested by private parties. This means that there will be a backlog of potentially hundreds of cars that have to be processed before the DMV can make any new requests or deny any requests for new drivers licenses.

The solution to this problem is to request a Quick Vin Verification of the fuel type of the car or truck being inspected. A Quick Verification will tell the DMV immediately whether the request is denied or approved, and it will give the customer the peace of mind that the request was processed quickly. So now you know that a Quick Verification is very important for the safe transport of vehicles and the ability to do business in California. Now go ahead and fill out the request forms and request a Quick Verification. You will be happy you did.

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