Details on Cutting Edge Periodontist

What is the difference between a basic dentist and a periodontist? In the simplest terms, a basic dentist focuses on the teeth, gums, bones, and other tissues of the mouth while a periodontist just focuses on the bone and gums. The periodontist is usually referred to as a deep tissue dentist while a basic dentist is referred to as a cosmetic dentist who only works on the aesthetic beauty of the teeth. A dentist who specializes in both is referred to as an orthodontic dentist. Click here for info Cutting Edge Periodontist

If you suffer from gum or jaw pain, then your first step should be to see your periodontist so that they can diagnose you and determine the best way to care for your teeth and gums. During your appointment, the periodontist will perform a series of dental tests to assess your condition and decide whether you need surgery or treatment. In most cases, a periodontist can successfully treat the most severe gum disease conditions and bad breath without surgery, but in more severe cases the periodontist may recommend surgery or other more serious dental procedures such as dental root canal treatment.

During your first visit, the periodontist will discuss your symptoms with you, your medical history, and your treatment options. They will also go over the best course of action for your particular case and explore your treatment options with you. On your first visit, the periodontist will explain their treatment plans including their pricing and how long the treatments may take. Remember that the dentist is a professional who is experienced in providing treatment for both gum and dental diseases, but you should always seek medical advice from your family doctor or dentist before engaging in any type of treatment.