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A return that works for your business can only be prepared by a preparer who understands business.So many times, I have seen it. In order to talk about finances or taxes, I sit down with a client. The head nods, the mouth says, “uh huh, uh huh” when I speak, but what they’re really focused on is the pen in their hand. They just want to sign off on the paperwork and be done with it. They don’t want to understand. “That’s what I hire you for” they say.Visit Elgin Income Tax Preparation for more details.

The Great Mistake. I might have sentenced them to time in federal jail. It is a recipe for a big fat slice of catastrophe to trust someone else to the point where you abdicate all responsibility and have no knowledge of what you are signing or what is being done in your name. That’s how embezzlement happens-I completely trust Mary. There’s always Bob taking care of that. And it’s also how business owners end up in trouble—What do you mean he took the deduction as a guard dog for my Chihuahua? Hey, why have I not received a deduction for my new computer?To be able to read your return intelligently, you have to know enough about taxes so that you know what you’re signing.

In order to prepare your return correctly and to your best advantage, you also need to know enough about taxes so that you know what your tax preparer needs to know.And do not receive your education from your friends. I have heard a great deal about these “special deductions” that you can take. The information is typically not based on facts or tax codes. It’s a conglomeration of bad data that can get you into fiscal trouble.It strikes hard on them. They couldn’t be more shocked if you hit them with a dead fish on their heads. “I owe how much!” they gasped. “How can that be? I don’t have any money!”

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