Confederate Flag lighting- An Analysis

There are some basic questions one must ask before purchasing any home lighting product, including the Confederate flag. Many people don’t realize that displaying this item in your home could be a violation of federal law and it may also attract the attention of the Secret Service or law enforcement officials. As you are probably aware, displaying the rebel flag at your front door is a form of expression as well as a form of rebellion against the United States. If you are considering decorating your house with this particular item, make sure that you know the laws regarding this display and what will be acceptable. You don’t want to get into some type of trouble while you are trying to spruce up your home.Feel free to find more information at lighting.

Most homeowners who display the rebel flag should think about where they intend to put it. While this might seem like a small consideration, there are some living areas that would not be a good place to display this particular item. This includes the front porch or patio. The main reason for this is that the area tends to be filled with people all the time, especially during parties or barbecues. For this reason, it would be a good idea to use different lighting methods such as halogen or fluorescent. In addition, you should consider hanging these items in places where they won’t accidentally fly into someone’s eye.

It is important to display the flag in an appropriate manner. Don’t display the flag upside down because it is illegal to do so. Also, don’t display the rebel flag alongside other items like dollar bills. Finally, don’t display the rebel flag as the main light source in a room because this is considered a fire hazard. When you are considering these types of issues when choosing new home lighting, you should also keep in mind that the purpose of the flag is to serve as a sign of unity and peace.