The Side Effects of Marijuana Consoles

People talk a lot about side effects of smoking marijuana, there are also side effects to weed withdrawal. The following items are list contains a number of items you may experience when you quit smoking marijuana

  1. Lack of sleep.

This is one of the first things you’ll notice if you decide to quit marijuana. You may experience pretty severe insomnia within the first few days of quitting. If you were a person who smoked before bed, you may find the first weeks pretty tough.visit our website.

  1. Not much of an appetite.

The anxiety, lack of sleep, and change to your daily schedule can cause you to lose your appetite. But you need to eat! Make sure that when you do eat, you aren’t binging on junk food, and that you are getting lots of fruits and vegetables. If you don’t feel like eating a full meal, snack of some nuts or sunflower seeds.

  1. You’ll get angry.

That’s another thing that’s really common. I am sure you’ve been around someone who decided to quit smoking regular cigarettes, right? Do you remember how easily worked up they were? Tell the people you are around to expect it so that they go easy on you!

  1. You may feel pretty depressed.

You’ll want to smoke. In fact, you’ll want to smoke so bad that the thought you can’t will make you really miserable. That will pass when the weed withdrawal is over, but it will last until you’re clean. Remember to let your friends know you’re quitting so that they are prepared. Some people smoke to mask their underlying depression, so if you quit, you are going to feel that in full force!