Orthopedic Specialists – What you need to know

The method of using stem cells from your own body to treat a medical condition or illness is known as stem cell therapy. Several clinical studies have been performed in recent years that seem to suggest that this form of treatment holds some promise for a variety of diseases and conditions. Cord blood transplantation is currently the only known stem cell therapy available. The stem cells are usually derived from umbilical cord plasma, but they can also be obtained from an umbilical stem-cell transplant.  Do you want to learn more? Visit QC Kinetix (Austin)-Shoulder Pain Doctor.

Both plants, animals, and humans have stem cells, which are essentially the same cells found in their nuclei. These stem cells are clustered in a nucleus in humans and are used to grow a number of different cells, including the liver, heart, kidney, and lung, to name a few. Although stem cell therapy is generally used mainly to treat childhood diseases and disorders that impair a patient’s ability to replicate, recent clinical studies have shown that stem cells extracted from a person’s own body can be used to treat a variety of adult diseases and disorders. Adult patients with chronic pulmonary problems, for example, have had positive results when stem cells from their lungs were inserted into a weakened spleen.

Although stem cell therapy is still in its early stages, a number of clinical trials have been performed, with positive results. While some clinical trials have failed to show substantial improvements in one of the diseases that stem cells could help treat, these trials will still be available for further research. These medical trials are also necessary for gaining a better understanding of how stem cells may be used to treat different diseases and conditions in the future.