Facts About Licensed Plumbers

When anything goes wrong with our house’s plumbing system, we only realise how important plumbing is in our lives. This might be due to water or gas leaks, as well as toilet bowls that are difficult to flush. When situations like these happen, we either fix the issue ourselves or engage a professional plumber if the situation seems to be too complex.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Emergency Plumbing – Brooklyn Plumber Service

Victoria, like any other city, has standards, laws, and permits in place for plumbers to get licenced. Clients may expect good and standardised service from a qualified Victoria Plumber if they follow the standard operating practises. When a plumbing job in Victoria costs more than $750 (including appliances, parts, and labour), the customer must be given a compliance certificate signed by a certified plumber. This certificate is the plumber’s way of ensuring and certifying that the plumbing project meets all legal criteria.

A plumber must have the proper credentials, extensive experience, and pre-arranged insurance before being issued a licence. The state only permits professional and licenced plumbers to lawfully work on plumbing jobs to recognise and preserve the welfare of such plumbers who gave their all to satisfy such standards. Even unlawful plumbing acts submitted to the Plumbing Industry Commission might result in penalties.

If you are a licenced plumber in Victoria, you may undertake works that fall under any plumbing classification that you are licenced to do and provide a compliance certificate for that plumbing work. Plumbing work is divided into eight categories:

Drought control (non-agricultural)

Mechanical Services for Fire Protection

Drainage is important.

Roofing is an important part of any home.


a gas connection

Availability of Water

Only licenced plumbers are legally allowed to perform plumbing work in Victoria, so they must carry a photo identification card with them at all times, especially when they are working, to attest to their accreditation and licence, as well as to assure the consumer that they are indeed fit for the plumbing job.

Some individuals take advantage of customers who are unaware of plumbing norms and laws or who are only concerned with resolving their plumbing problems by choosing whatever plumber is available or seems to be the most cost-effective. Many times, instead of saving money, the customer spends even more because of certain overlooked aspects. Only a registered and licenced plumber should be used for assured plumbing services and to avoid expensive complications down the road.

A picture ID that also reveals the plumber’s licence expiry may be used to confirm the plumber’s qualification and accreditation. The picture will aid the customer in determining whether or not the person to whom the licence is given is the plumber that he or she has hired. The customer may also use the licence ID to see what areas of plumbing the plumber is licenced to do, which is shown on the back of the card. The customer must also request three written and printed quotations. For a plumbing work that needs it, the customer must also be issued a compliance certificate.