Reality about Rock Fitness

Flexibility- Fitness is also an indicator of how flexible your physique is. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out to assert flexibility, and then try to reach and touch your toes. This doesn’t mean that you are not fit if you can’t touch your toes, many individuals can’t reach this far. However, if you cannot reach much further than your knees, you definitely need to work on this area of fitness. For overall health, flexibility is essential, so work on stretching each day to enhance flexibility and fitness.Balance- Balance is also an important factor in good fitness, similar to flexibility.Visit Rock Fitness for more details.

An overall healthy body depends heavily on being well balanced, and with age, the risk of injury and broken bones from falls increases dramatically. To assess your fitness level in this area, try standing on one foot with your arms at your sides for a period of one minute. Stand close to a wall, table or chair if you feel as if you might fall. Work on improving the balance of fitness levels, try to practise exercises that focus on good balance such as yoga or Pilates and promote them.Plank- This is an excellent exercise to evaluate the strength and stability of your core.

Your level of fitness depends on those deep, stabilising muscles in the trunk of your body. By practising holding the plank position for as long as you can, your core strength and fitness can be evaluated. With the forearms on the floor, toes curled underneath, and the back straight and parallel to the floor, proper planks are held. Every day, doing this exercise will improve core muscles and overall fitness.Vertical Jump- As children, this portion of our level of fitness was definitely up to par, and often used. However, it is a much looked over part of overall health when you get older that can indicate the power exertion that your body has as well as the power in your muscle fibres. See how high you could jump on a wall or a 2-foot-tall box with markings.