TulsterHolsters Information

The hottest new addition to the gun owner’s collection is the TulsterHolsters. They are a revolutionary accessory, which offers all the benefits of traditional leather holsters without the problems associated with them. These accessories utilize a unique, thin, but incredibly tough material that wraps around the gun and protects it from the elements. The material is flexible, meaning that it is easily shaped and tailored to the user’s desired comfort and will stretch and soften over time, just as any other leather product should. This allows the user to either wear their accessory loose or tighten it up at the edges for extra protection.Do you want to learn more? you can try this out

One of the greatest features of the Tulsterholsters we review is their patented soft loop technology, which allows for quick and easy adjustments. The soft loop makes it easier to access the sections of the pistol quickly and cleanly, eliminating the need to remove your gun while cleaning. Because of the innovative design of the holsters, we can also confirm that they offer a full sweat shield that covers the pistol entirely. Because of the minimal material used, it is extremely difficult to even know that it’s there, yet it serves to provide superior protection.

There are also numerous upgrades, which benefit both shooters and gun owners. For example, in addition to the standard tan/black color palette, the orange / black option is available in a limited edition 2-tone, allowing shooters to switch from orange to black without much hassle. Also, the standard black color is available in a black matte edges style, which is an incredible choice for both concealment and long range shots. Finally, because of the innovative thin material, you can wear tulsterholsters comfortably and confidently even if you own an oversized firearm.