Rebuilding After a Fire

If your home has been burned down, you are well aware of the importance of replacing fire-damaged wood.
The first step in rebuilding a fire-damaged house is to remove any damaged wood. This refers to any wood that has been burned and is no longer capable of providing the service it was intended to provide. If you’re not sure if a beam or piece of wood needs to be replaced, you can give it a few hits to see if it needs to be replaced. This can only be done on weaker beams and never on a main support beam. The easiest way to say if a piece of wood needs to be replaced is if it’s burnt black and crumbles in pieces when you catch it.Visit Water Mold Fire Restoration of New York City for more details.

You can map out where you’ll need replacements now that you’ve stripped out all of the wood. Having the original builder who designed the house come out to look at the original blue prints before rebuilding the damaged area is extremely beneficial. If the damage is limited to a few parts of a space, you can most likely buy and repair the wood yourself if you have the necessary equipment. It’s important to remember that removing and walking around in a fire-damaged area is dangerous and should only be attempted with the appropriate safety equipment and precautions.

You can begin restoring the next burned area once the area you’re rebuilding has been cleaned of all burned and unsupportable wood and new wood has been installed. The restoration process follows the same steps as the initial construction; once the underlying support wood is in place, the drywall and paint can be replaced. It’s better to get drywall checked by a professional to see if any mould or other damage has occurred and if it needs to be replaced; you don’t want to risk using burned out drywall because mould will develop and thrive, causing a variety of health issues for the individual who lives in the room.

You may now apply a fresh coat of paint to the area until the wood and drywall are in livable condition. If you’re interested in giving your home a fresh look, now is a perfect time to do so.
Overall, fire damage reconstruction can be a lengthy process, but once the wood has been replaced and everything is running smoothly, you can return to your restored housing area.