How Braces Move Teeth – What Braces Do And Why

Dental braces, also known as invisalign braces, are ingenious devices primarily used in orthodontics which aim to straighten and align teeth while also trying to improve overall dental health. Although these devices are generally worn by children, they can also be suitable for adults who want to correct their teeth alignment. Although this technology was initially developed for adults, many orthodontists also use them on younger patients due to the ease of using them. A treatment using braces is not just an alternative form of orthodontic treatment; it has also been approved by the FDA and is generally covered by most insurance plans.Find additional information at Wichita braces.

Metal braces, although less noticeable than their white or ceramic counterparts, are still widely used. The wires which hold the braces in place can be made from stainless steel, titanium, copper, or another metal. In order to decrease the chances of the wires coming off, the brackets that hold them are made out of a more resistant metal such as titanium. The wires which are fitted to braces come in different colors and are also adjusted to suit the patient’s teeth; white braces and silver braces are the most common types. However, because of the metal used to build the braces, they are far less noticeable than braces made from ceramic.

If a patient is old enough, he or she may be able to opt for headgear instead of braces. This headgear usually consists of tiny rings that are worn around the arch of the patient’s mouth and are attached to the braces via Velcro or similar glue. Because headgear is less noticeable than braces, it is worn less often, and some patients may choose to wear it when they attend short school trips or other activities outside the dental office. If the headgear does come off during the course of regular treatments, however, it is a good practice to put on a mask as a precaution in order to prevent any accidental exposure of the headgear to airborne particles.

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