Williamsburg Patio Pavers Association: Secrets Revealed

Patio pavers instantly add beauty and elegance to your home once it’s newly built. Just like other parts of your home, your patio pavers will starts to show signs of degeneration after exposure to harsh weather conditions for some time. In order to maintain the pleasurable sight of your home, you will have to avoid your patio pavers from getting stained, cracked, or having weeds growing in between the pavers. Thus, you need to possess the art of cleaning!Do you want to learn more? Visit Williamsburg Patio Pavers Association

There are two most popular ways that most people do. First method is to use herbicides, which is widely available in gardening and home improvement shops. Simply spray the herbicide over the weeds. They should wither within 48 hours. However, herbicides are poisonous and it should be kept away from reach of young children.
A more human and environment friendly option is to prepare a mixture of vinegar and water. Alternatively, you could substitute vinegar with lemon juice too. Spray the solution over the weeds and it should kill them right away. This will keep your patio pavers free from weeds for a period of time.
Removing Stains
Always remember, stains should be removed as soon as you spot them. Otherwise, the stains can become permanent and leaves your patio looking dull and untidy. For fresh new stains, they can be easily scrubbed off with just soap and water. Nevertheless, for more stubborn stains try using industrial detergent instead. Brush the patio pavers surface with hard bristle brushes to remove stains and other hardened dirt found on them. Cleanse with clean water afterwards. Patio pavers that have stains which are difficult to remove have to be soaked overnight.
Paint stains can be easily removed by any paint thinner. Pour enough amount of thinner on a rag and scuff the paint stain with the rag. Subsequently, wash off the stained area to completely eliminate the paint stain.
Rust stains are much more troublesome; therefore, it is advisable to use stronger cleaning chemicals like acid based cleaning agents in order to completely eradicate them. The acid has double benefit because it can also serve as a weed killer. Patio has always been the right place at home to chill and relax during weekends. Thus, it is important that we always have our patio maintained at tip-top condition. One of the essential steps in patio landscaping is choosing suitable plants and decoration to complement the patio to create a cool serene environment.