Benefits Of A Private Yoga Studio

We live in a high-stress, fast-paced, overworked world that is discovering the many advantages of yoga to help us relax and feel more focused. Gyms, on the other hand, should be applauded for their attempts to bring yoga’s advantages to a wider audience. Many major national gyms have jumped on the yoga bandwagon and are now providing a variety of yoga courses. check here
A gym class, on the other hand, may not necessarily offer the same wonderful advantages as a yoga studio class. After teaching several sessions at a nearby gym, I’ve discovered that gym yoga has a completely different feel from studio yoga, and that it may not be suitable for everyone. My students feel much more focused and calm following studio sessions now that I solely teach out of my own yoga studio.
If you’re new to yoga, you may want to start with some studio sessions before moving on to the big gym classes. Yoga studios often have lower class numbers and more individualised attention to ensure that students get the most out of their yoga postures. If you just walk into a gym yoga session, you may feel rushed to keep up with the rest of the class since the teacher is going too quickly. The fact that most gyms contain mirrors may increase the sense of social pressure. Many yoga schools avoid using mirrors because yoga is a very personal experience in which the objective is not to keep up with the person next to you. The aim is to find a comfortable speed for you.
Furthermore, it is critical that your teacher is aware of any ailments or physical limits so that he or she can advise you on which positions (asanas) you should avoid or alter. This is difficult in bigger gym groups, which typically include 30-40 people. If you have an injury that is still healing, the gym atmosphere may not be favourable for the teacher to demonstrate adjustments and alternatives to attempt.
The gym is a wonderful place to get a high-intensity exercise, attend an aerobics class, and lift weights, but it isn’t the best place to do yoga. Yoga should be practised in a peaceful, non-threatening, and non-competitive atmosphere to get the full advantages. When I was teaching yoga at the gym, a gym member entered the room and immediately began hitting the punching bag. This, along with other gym members looking through the glass to see the class, does not contribute to a calm atmosphere. In comparison to a gym, a yoga studio gives you greater choice over the lighting and music. Most gyms either don’t let the teacher adjust the lighting or have it set on a timer, which isn’t conducive to a pleasant workout.
Why not attempt a studio yoga class if you haven’t tried a gym yoga class and didn’t like it? Don’t give up yoga simply because you’ve done it at a gym. Yoga lessons at a studio are a very different experience than yoga at home.