The Art of Gutter Cleaning

It’s time to clean your gutters because they’re beginning to leak. This is a project that many homeowners undertake each year to ensure that their homes are properly maintained. Most gutter systems should be cleaned three to four times a year, depending on the season. You may be wondering why I clean out my gutters so often. The explanation for this is that trees go through different cycles during the year that can clog your gutters.Learn more about us at Gutterilla – Seamless & Guards Installation

Most trees lose seedlings and dead twigs in the spring. Spring is also the perfect time to check your gutters for any harm caused by the winter snow.

Heavy storms and high winds in the summer cause trees to lose their leaves. To keep your gutters running freely, cut leaves that have fallen early in the fall. To avoid ice jams or ice accumulation in your gutters, make sure everything has been completely cleared from the gutter system at the end of the fall or early winter. The weight of frozen water in your gutters can easily pull them away from the fascia and, in some cases, cause them to fall off the roof. Clogged or damaged gutters, as a result of inadequate gutter maintenance, will cost thousands of dollars in damage to your home’s foundation, exterior trim, and basements.

Rent a sturdy ladder and enlist the aid of a friend to clean your gutters properly. Ladders can be rented for as little as $40.00 a day at most nearby rental centres. Keep a safe distance from power lines, branches, and windows when using ladders. It’s a smart idea to use a ladder stabiliser to keep your ladder from crushing your gutters or falling while you’re cleaning them. Ladder stabilisers are available for about $30.00 at most hardware stores. Remember that your safety is more critical than clean gutters, so enlist some assistance. Thousands of people die each year while working on ladders due to falls and electrocution.