What to Expect From Your Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists work in the area of diagnosing and treating dental problems in children from birth to the age of three. They are qualified to work in hospitals, pediatric clinics, dental units such as pediatric dental surgery and family dentists’ offices. A pediatric dentist can perform different types of dental procedures for children. He can check a child’s teeth, gums and bite to ensure that he gets enough nourishment and growth.Learn more by visiting pediatric dentist near me

Before your child can get the dental services, his pediatric dentist must first evaluate the health status of your child. A physical exam is usually included in the medical screening process and includes a check on the bite, gums and other dental structures. X-rays, bone scans and laboratory tests can also be done to diagnose oral health conditions. In the course of the evaluation, the pediatric dentist will also make a detailed examination of your child’s general condition. Dental x-rays can reveal problems associated with your child’s mouth that can later on require oral surgery.

One of the main goals of the pediatric dentist is to prevent cavities from forming. One of the first dental visits that your child will undergo will include a fluoride assessment where the dentist will check for cavities and the level of fluoride in his or her mouth. Once the dentist has found cavities or any other problems associated with the teeth and mouth, he or she will discuss how to fix it. The first dental visit typically involves x-rays and other laboratory tests to assess the condition of your child’s teeth. It is important to know what you can expect from your first visit before you decide on getting a pediatric dentist for your child.